JJ Home Repair - J&J Home Repair DBA Paul Vantongeren are crooks

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We hired J&J Home repair to fix our roof.They did an extremely sloppy job fixing our roof to the point that it was leaking when it rained.

When we confronted him, he became aggressive and threatened us.

They are very unrealiable and rude and the I fell for the good reviews I read online.They must have been paid for by the company.The prices quoted were reasonable until you see the level of service they provide you, which is next to nothing.

It was an extremely scary ordeal and I do not recommend anyone using his company.

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We made exactly the same experience with this company:

(i) they charged $700 for a roof repair, which

took less than 2 hours and not much more

than a caulk gun.

(ii) when politely confronted with this

charge Paul was responding extremely

rude and threatening.

(iii) he also installed gutter guards: this

work was extremely sloppy.

(iv) on his business cards claims that he is

"licensed and insured".

While he might have a valid business

license, he is not a licensed contractor

in the State of Georgia.

I also fell for good online reviews.

Apparently, there are companies who see that you get good online reviews for a fee.


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